About Kindergarten

Kindergarten students are emerging in every way. They take in what they see happening around them and approximate in their writing, reading, speaking, behavior, and math. At Davis Primary we are all about learning. We celebrate and study all of their approximations. We then make instructional decisions based on our knowledge of developmental progressions. Each day we nudge them closer and closer to working at higher and higher levels.

In Kindergarten, we teach them how to be "Super Readers" using all their "Super Powers" to read. We teach them to read informational text as well as fiction. In writing, students learn the habits and behaviors of real writers and write for real purposes and audience across many genres throughout the year. Students are engage in inquiry and are encouraged to live curiously! 

Kindergarten Staff

BF Barbra Fisher

Kindergarten Teacher

JF Julie Fothergill

Kindergarten Teacher

CL Cindy LaCosse

Kindergarten Teacher

SH Sindya Huske

Kindergarten Teacher - Bilingual

MR Michele Romero Vena

Kindergarten Teacher - Bilingual

PS Pamela Sorenson

Kindergarten Teacher - Half Day

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303