Staff Directory

Last Name First Name E-mail Department Location Telephone
Aguilar Rosas Marco Head Custodian Davis Primary 331-228-4933
Alcantara Leticia Native Language Tutor Richmond Intermediate 331-228-4934
Aliano Sarah Math Specialist Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5050
Amaya Carrie 4th Grade Bilingual Richmond Intermediate 331-228-4959
Anderson Nissa Orchestra Richmond Intermediate 331-228-6650
Arambul Martina Social Worker Richmond Intermediate 331-228-4976
Atkinson Joanna Nurse Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5307
Bellendir Denise 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-4935
Benedik Jessica Foreign Language Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5036
Black Heather Administrative Assistant Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5419
Bolsoni Noreen 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-5294
Bolster Christine Nurse Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2804
Breseman Jamie 4th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2577
Bruce Molly 5th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5077
Butcher Liz Physical Education Davis Primary 331-228-3079
Butler Colleen LRC Assistant Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5037
Byrd Rosa Principal Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2275
Capen Rebecca 5th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-6800
Caputo Matt Physical Education Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5280
Carlson Mona Administrative Assistant Davis Primary 331-228-4938
Cirrincione Claudia Occupational Therapist Davis Primary 331-228-5297
Dieter Lori Reading Specialist Davis Primary 331-228-2298
DiFulvio Jean ELL Davis Primary 331-228-4944
Dixon Amy Sci-Tech Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5079
Dominguez Irma Administrative Assistant Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2275
Duever Trisha Cross Cat Resource Davis Primary 331-228-5267
Dulski-Haegele Julie AM Kindergarten Davis Primary 331-228-5418
Engelhardt Lindsey 4th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2285
Farmer Sherry School Nurse Davis Primary 331-228-5396
Faught Peggy Registered Nurse Davis Primary 331-228-5404
Fiden Marybeth Reading Specialist Richmond Intermediate 331-228-4981
Flanagan Elly Speech/Language Therapist-EC Davis Primary 331-228-4917
Fothergill Julie Kindergarten Davis Primary 331-228-2384
Ganshert Kerri 5th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5045
Gregory Pasie Early Childhood Davis Primary 331-228-4948
Gutierrez Roberto Custodian Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5046
Heynck Cruz 2nd Grade Davis Primary 331-228-3396
Hittmeier Christine Reading Specialist Davis Primary 331-228-4952
Horvath Stacey 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-5949
Irvine Linda 2nd Grade Davis Primary 331-228-4955
Iwanski Jenni ISC Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5052
Jendrzejczyk Tiffany 2nd Grade Davis Primary 331-228-4956
Jontz Kellsa Art Davis Primary 331-228-6763
Kinney Katie Kindergarten Davis Primary 331-228-4986
Knysak Amanda Reading Specialist Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5054
Kruse Lauren Art Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5300
Landells Tracie Reading Specialist Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5055
Lather Mary Speech/Language Pathologist Davis Primary 331-228-5265
Leckbee Dena 4th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5056
Legenski Marie LRC Director Davis Primary 331-228-5135
Lehner Carla Social Worker Davis Primary 331-228-2588
Lenning Sharon Music Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5305
Liechty Denise Principal Davis Primary 331-228-4938
Lorenz Lindy Learning Resource Center Richmond 331-228-6070
Lubas Walter Physical Education Richmond Intermediate 331-228-6449
Luebke Jennifer 4th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5058
Lukatsky Natalie Speech and Language Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5060
Madigan Meghan ISC Davis Primary 331-228-5040
Martin Meghan Speech/Language Pathologist Davis Primary 331-228-4963
Martinez Yazmin 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-5238
Martinez Julie 5th Grade - Bilingual Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5398
Mattson Nancy PE Davis Primary 331-228-4964
McCulloch Rachel 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-4965
Mills Mary 3rd Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5016
Morrisson Yolanda Translator Davis Primary 331-228-2884
Mueller Julianna 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-5296
Naatz Elizabeth 3rd Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5275
Navis Elizabeth 4th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5064
Newlon Teresa Cross Cat Resource Davis Primary 331-228-4968
Novotny Therese AT Math Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5039
O'Reilly Amanda Foreign Language Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5263
Oster Megan Kindergarten Davis Primary 331-228-2585
Peel Maggie Resource Davis Primary 331-228-6026
Pelayo Katie Native Language Tutor Richmond Intermediate 331-228-6132
Pettit Christopher Orchestra Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5293
Pittner Lynn Math Resource Davis Primary 331-228-5023
Pratt Karen Psychologist Davis Primary & Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5044
Proa Milagros 2nd Grade Davis Primary 331-228-5047
Quinones-Gonzalez Zaida Kindergarten Davis Primary 331-228-5422
Raiman Taryn Resource Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2279
Ray Jan 5th Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2277
Reams Melissa Physical Therapist-EC Davis Primary 331-228-6215
Reece Maria 3rd Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-6515
Rice Marianne Band Richmond Intermediate 331-228-6553
Scharping Kristin School Psychologist Davis Primary 331-228-6139
Schippers April 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-2595
Schweizer Jennifer Nurse Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2804
Scott Sally 1st Grade Davis Primary 331-228-4979
Silva Gustavo Dean Davis Primary & Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5078
Skowronski Kelly 3rd Grade Richmond Intermediate 331-228-5074
Smith Bridgette LRC Assistant Davis Primary
Tegtman Andrea 2nd Grade Davis Primary 331-228-4985
Therrien Andrea Music Davis Primary 331-228-5027
Thomas Allison 2nd Grade Davis Primary 331-228-5309
Thomas Kayla Special Education Resource Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2599
Torres Erica 4th Grade Bilingual Richmond Intermediate 331-228-4987
Uquillas Grijalva Ivonne Translator Richmond Intermediate 331-228-2286
Vales Stephany Pre-Kindergarten BL Davis Primary 331-228-5182
Vasica Amy Special Education Resource Richmond Intermediate 331-228-4988
Vena Michele Richmond Intermediate Richmond Intermediate 331-228-6532


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