2nd Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

Second grade students are much bigger than kindergarteners. The work they're engaged in throughout the day and year reflects that growth. We start the year talking and learning about the big work we need to do. They will learn skills and strategies that are developmentally appropriate and within their zone of proximal development but with a great amount of urgency. Second graders are leaders in the building and they take that role very seriously. Across they year they will engage in reading, listening to and discussing more and more complex text. They will write for many purposes and audiences across the year with deeper and deeper levels of meaning. Students will collaborate and use the Design and Inquiry Process to solve real world problems in Science and Social  Studies. They will be encouraged to question use those questions to launch their learning. 

Mrs. Heynck

Mrs. Irvine

Mrs. Jendrzejczyk

Mrs. Proa

Mrs. Tegtman

Ms. Thomas

Mrs. Wise



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