1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade!

In First grade we build upon the foundation laid in Kindergarten. We continue to celebrate and study their approximations taking them from where they are on the developmental continuum and move them forward. We encourage students to be Word Detectives using all the strategies they've been taught to figure out unknown words. In first grade we get to know some of our first characters in books like we get to know our friends. First grade writers begin the year crafting personal narratives, or true stories of times in their lives. They also dive into writing books that allow them to share their personal expertise, and write to teach All About Information Books. In addition, students learn how they can share their ideas about the world around them in opinion pieces. From studying the community and maps to gathering data about the sun, moon and stars, our first graders are encouraged to live like Historians and Scientists .


Mrs. Bellendir

Mrs. Bolsoni

Mrs. Horvath

Mrs. Martinez

Mrs. McCulloch

Miss Mueller

Mrs. Schippers

Mrs. Scott




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